Why You Need Me

Leverage Marketing To Grow Your Brand, Your Audience, Your Reach!

Understanding the unique needs of marketing for Service Providers enables my clients to thrive!
Coastal Blue Media is packed with the expertise, tools, and resources to help services & consultant business owners’ level up and become the entrepreneur they always dreamed to be.
I have been exactly where you are now. I’ve grown my company, paid myself well, and haven’t missed a single first for any of my 3 children since I started.

Who Works?

For those who have an established business or skill set that they know how to sell but find themselves struggling with the marketing necessary to get prospects into their sales pipeline. You are ready to grow and scale your business to the next level and make real money. Regardless of your financial goals
Many of my clients have devoured all the free advice on the internet in an attempt to figure out how to  get more leads, or reach more qualified prospects and ultimately increase sales online. But what they really want is a system that works perfectly for their business on repeat, so they can get back to doing what they love most!
Some of you may have had some success before now, but most, simply want a clear step-by-step plan to follow, custom designed for their business from people who understand where they are now and where they are trying to get to.

What We Do Together

Through community, self-paced courses, swipe-files, and private sessions, I work with Service Providers and Consultants to develop solid, strategic plans they can follow on repeat and create reliable, consistent revenue so you can become the business owner you always envisioned yourself to be.

My clients are looking for:

Strategy and advice from people who understand where they are in their business.

Free (and eventually paid) traffic without gambling on marketing tactics that don’t work.

Connections, community, and accountability from someone you can count on and is invested in helping you succeed.

Consistent, predictable revenue month after month.

Honest, actionable advice to help ideate, create and grow your business.

Imagine, finally knowing exactly what you need to do to create the business of your dreams.

Mastering your visibility generating system to fill your sales pipelines with qualified ideal clients ready to convert.

Where To Begin

Ready To Get Started? Find Out More About The Process 👇🏼

Accelerate Your Content Marketing. This Is How You Get Aware!

Understand your brand, your audience, your messaging, and the visuals that go into effectively marketing your business. Gain confidence and custom build a Marketing Plan specifically for your business.

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Build Your Irresistible Client Getting System. Grow The Legacy Of Your Brand!

Grow your BRAND with your own lead capture system and the perfect lead magnet (digital asset) to go with it! Your FREEBIE + Your Funnel + Your email Delivery & Nurture Sequences BONUS I'll include the social marketing graphics to launch it.

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Fix Your Website Leaks. Make Your Website Work For You!

Visually designed to showcase your brand and speak to your ideal clients. Clean, easy-to-use, intuitive and mobile-first websites! Need to add BRAND DESIGN just ask! ~WordPress Or Shopify

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