Perfect Perfect Perfect in neon lights

What is holding you back from reaching your goals?

Have you ever sat down and considered exactly what it is that is holding you back?

Guess what? Once you identify it, you can beat it!

As I built my business, I found one thing always got in my way.

That is until I identified it 😊

I spent days, no months, creating content and resources that I wanted to employ and share with my audience. I would build something once then revamp it multiple times until it was perfect. I did this many times building an arsenault of resources to help my ideal client but I wasn’t brave enough to employ it.

My husband would say, “you keep building resources now go share them with the world”

Of course, I would agree, but then I’d move on to building another resource instead because it was something less scary than actually putting these valuable gems out into the world and risking rejection!

Rejection is scary, right!

BUT, do you know what is even more frightening?

Not having the money to pay the bills!

Or having dreams go unfulfilled year after year because the funds simply are not available.

So, what was holding me back?


And in the meantime, my people were not getting the help I could give. Opportunities were missed. Worst of all, I wasn’t helping myself!

Can you relate to this?

Finally, I knew what the problem was, and I was intent on finding the solution.

Believe it or not the solution was as simple as: “DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!”

I am not saying you shouldn’t be producing quality work. You should always strive to do your best!
However, at some point, we need to take the risk and put them out into the world and let others absorb the greatness.
You can always make changes after it is published, that’s the beauty of a digital world.

Think about it…what is the worst thing that could happen if someone actually finds a mistake?

Not much, maybe they will tell you. Maybe they will keep reading and ignore it. Maybe they will walk away from it. But that’s it!

We are all human. It is ok to be a little fallible. Actually, humanity resonates with almost every audience because we can all associate with it. no one wants to follow in the footsteps of a perfect, impossible to match robot. Most of us find inspiration in others’ success and learn from others’ mistakes. We need need to believe there is hope and room for improvement.

Nobody is perfect, stop overthinking it and remember Done is BETTER than PERFECT!

Erin Kellie

Erin Kellie is a digital marketer and graphic designer on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. She is the owner of Coastal Blue Media a digital marketing and brand experience boutique working with Female-Lead Professional Service Providers. She graduated in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in 2002 and graduated in Graphic Design from the Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) in 2017. When she isn't glued to a computer she is busy being the best hockey-scouts-guides-horse riding (I want to do whichever sports you will pay for they said) mom to her three children and exploring BC's coast. Her career has been primarily focused on helping small businesses with marketing and brand development something she is very passionate about. You can reach her at or on Facebook @ErinPKellie.

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