the perfect trait balance to be an effective entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are bad*ss

Do you consider yourself hardworking, self-driven, skilled, and resilient?
You know, the perfect trait balance to be an effective entrepreneur!

Have you invested your everything into building your business? Done the research, tests & trials, made & executed multiple plans, tackled all the lists, and set everything up for success just as so many others have done before but without the results you want?

Have you ever wondered…what do they know that I don’t? 🤔

You, are not alone!

I think this is largely a part of every entrepreneur’s journey.

Getting to this point and making the right decisions is the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t!
So, I want to share with you exactly what helped propel my business forward.


OK, here it is…

I realized I could NOT do it ALONE!

I needed to have at least one more person in the game, on my team, working towards the same goal but looking at it with different eyes.

This first hire will be different for everyone. It heavily depends on your skill set and your needs. For some of you this will be marketing support. For others it will be a mindset coach or maybe an accountability partner someone to keep you on schedule. Either way it’s amazing what comes from investing in yourself.

We all have things that we are exceptional at and many things we are capable at but don’t necessarily enjoy doing. Identifying these tasks and getting them outsourced is an excellent place to start.

Outsourcing your social media can buy yourself 10-20 hours a month. Time you are now free to reinvest in building your business and to do those income earning activities.Maybe you invest in a coach who helps you get to the answers holding you back that much faster. The investment buys you more time and availability to do more in your business.

I was convinced I could do all the things myself. I would navigate any hurdle myself. I would figure out the answers myself.

Here is something to consider and please let it sink in!

Ask yourself…
How can I expect others to invest in me if I won’t invest in myself? 🤯

Honestly, this changed everything for me. I hired a coach, and yes I could have come to the answers myself with more research and trial and error, but I realized that time it was taking me to overcome those hurdles was too valuable. I wanted success. I had been working hard and knew it was so close, but I had some small things to overcome and she helped me master them.🙌

I remember having a great sigh of relief the night I said yes to hiring her. Sure, it was expensive, but I knew it was the right move. I knew it was the beginning of my next chapter and I was ready.

So yes, we entrepreneurs are smart and capable and resilient but amazingly success comes when you realize you are ready to invest even more by expanding your team.

Outsource that which is hard or those tasks you simply don’t enjoy. As long as you maintain your commitment, your passion, your perseverance and are skilled at what you do…when you invest in yourself success will find you!

 Doing what you love is easy ❤ imagine a life without it, now that’s hard!

Erin Kellie

Erin Kellie is a digital marketer and graphic designer on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. She is the owner of Coastal Blue Media a digital marketing and brand experience boutique working with Female-Lead Professional Service Providers. She graduated in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in 2002 and graduated in Graphic Design from the Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) in 2017. When she isn't glued to a computer she is busy being the best hockey-scouts-guides-horse riding (I want to do whichever sports you will pay for they said) mom to her three children and exploring BC's coast. Her career has been primarily focused on helping small businesses with marketing and brand development something she is very passionate about. You can reach her at or on Facebook @ErinPKellie.

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