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Logo Design


The process of developing a logo is quite a unique experience but done right your logomark will be able to say visually what otherwise would take a thousand words to explain.

The creative process that goes into a logo design is an opportunity to explore every tiny facet of the foundation of your business. It becomes the tone of voice, your mission, an explanation of quality, the style, the cost point, the value, and the emotion that you want to evoke with your business. You only have one chance to make a first impression and this process allows us to bring to life the perfect unique design for your exact business.

Exceptional design is found in the background story and the details. I promise to ask a lot of questions, get inside your head and find an effective creative solution to bring your vision to life! Click here for more details on your investment

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Brand Identity Design


A logo is but one component of a brand. Your brand is the sum total of a consumers’ experience with your product, service or idea.

Full branding requires having a cohesive image across all communication platforms. Branded print materials, branded social media, branded product labels, branded advertising, branded digital displays, branded vehicles, branded apparel…you get the idea. Yes, this will often include your logomark but its more than a logomark its consistent use of specific colours, textures, sounds, scents, fonts, imagery, photography and graphics. Your businesses ability to differentiate itself from the competitors lies in these details.

Together we can build a solid brand identity and you will get a detailed guide full of all the answers. Your Brand Guide exists so that everyone in your business can easily and accurately implement your brand. Thus making it easier for your customers to support your business. Click here for more details on your investment

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Collateral or Print Material Design


A cohesive image across all communication platforms includes both the internal and external facets of your business. You may need business cards, letterhead, brochures, fliers, menus, catalogs, manuals, guides, SWAG, apparel, signage, product labels, tags, displays, banners, presentations, annual reports…the list goes on!

This is your opportunity to distribute your brand. To make sure that everything everyone touches, views and hears is branded and differentiated from your competition. Click here for more details on your investment

Build awareness, build loyalty, build sales $$$

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Facebook Business Profiles
Social Media Business Launch


Do you want to build local awareness and solidify your brand?

Do you want to be able to create dynamic affordable targeted advertising campaigns?

Do you want to be able to drive traffic to your website from Social Media?

Do you want your customers to be able to look on Social Media and validate that your business exists?

Do you want a platform where you can connect and interact directly with your clientele?

Are you a small business and not ready for a full website launching your business on Social Media first!

Are you a business with a flourishing website but need to expand your Social Media presence?

Are you a brand new business working hard to hit the ground running and want the works…go all in with Branding, Print Materials, Social Media and Website? Click here for more details on your investment

If you are one or more of these then you are ready for a Social Media Business Launch.
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Website Mockup
Business Website Launch


All sites are branded, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and visually compelling but above all functional!

Built in WordPress which provides user-friendly online admin panel for easy updates and training.

As I am all about relationships once the site is complete I won’t disappear…I will be available for support, training, to answer any questions, and you will have access to my FAQs resources file. Click here for more details on your investment

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Custom Graphic Design


Including but not limited to: Landing Pages, Blog Sites, Etsy Shops, & Photography.

If it is digital and you are not sure where to start? Ask me, I have a knack for these things and I will get you set up in a flash! Click here for more details on your investment

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