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Logo & Brand Identity Designs

Logo & Brand Identity Designs

The process of developing a logo is quite a unique experience but done right your logomark will visually communicate what otherwise would take a thousand words to explain.

A logo is only one component of a brand. Your brand is the sum total of a consumers’ experience with your product, service or idea.

Full branding requires having a cohesive image across all communication platforms. Branded print materials, branded social media, branded product labels, branded advertising, branded digital displays, branded vehicles, branded apparel…you get the idea. Yes, this will often include your logomark but its more than a logomark its consistent use of specific colours, textures, sounds, scents, fonts, imagery, photography, and graphics. Your business’s ability to differentiate itself from the competitors lies in these details.

The creative process that goes into a logo and brand design is the opportunity to explore every tiny facet of the foundation of your business. It employs the tone of voice, your mission, an explanation of quality, the style, the cost point, the value, and the emotion that you want to evoke when your customer purchases from you.

As the saying goes “You only have one chance to make a first impression” and this process allows us to bring to life the perfect unique design for your business.

Exceptional design is found in the background story and the details. I promise to ask a lot of questions, get inside your head, and find an effective creative solution to bring your vision to life!

Erin Kellie

Erin Kellie is a digital marketer and graphic designer on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. She is the owner of Coastal Blue Media a digital marketing and brand experience boutique working with Female-Lead Professional Service Providers. She graduated in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in 2002 and graduated in Graphic Design from the Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) in 2017. When she isn't glued to a computer she is busy being the best hockey-scouts-guides-horse riding (I want to do whichever sports you will pay for they said) mom to her three children and exploring BC's coast. Her career has been primarily focused on helping small businesses with marketing and brand development something she is very passionate about. You can reach her at erin@coastalbluemedia.com or on Facebook @ErinPKellie.


May 20, 2020


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