“I’m a service provider how do I start using social media to get clients?”

If you’re a small business or entrepreneurial service provider who is doing business online and,

  • simply don’t have enough clients
  • needs to make more sales
  • wants to close more clients
  • would like more clients in your sales funnel
  • is working remotely
  • needs to improve online traffic

You’re probably tired of hearing that you need to be on social media. 

After all, when you open up that blog post about being visible, your mind goes blank with what to post… 

Believe me you are not alone.

And it’s ok, because as a professional service provider, I suspect you spend most of your time working “in” the business as opposed to marketing the business.

There’s always just one more client to see, right? 

And I’m sure that you’ve heard that social media is a fantastic opportunity to connect with (more of the ideal customers…etc.) but where to start? Do you really need to become one of those influencers your kids follow online? 

Awesome, you are asking the right questions. There is a lot of noise on the internet and the key of course is to stand out. 

I know you want this! The good news is it is within your reach. I can help you with this!


Social media is the best tool for making connections and driving traffic!

While experience and reputation will speak volumes about your ability, the trick is to connect with your ideal clients on a human level. Through social media, you can speak directly to them. As a solo practitioner, it might be even easier than you thought because you are your brand! Clients support brands because they share their values or feel a connection to them. 
This is where social media marketing can really change the game for you!

It is your opportunity to control the narrative. Tell them your stories. Show them who you are. Speak to them about how you understand what they are going through. How you have overcome the same thing for other clients or even yourself. Help them discover the solutions you provide and the results you can give them. This will bring you closer and make stronger connections.

All of this is your brand story & it is more powerful than you know… 

And it’s free for you to share!!!

Don’t get me wrong here, it is not about gloating!
Nope, that will not help you at all!

It’s about telling your stories so your ideal clients can see themselves in your words and resonate with your messaging.

It’s about having the power and poise to be your authentic self and consistently provide evidence of your company core values and actions so a client can either decide to take it or leave it.

Social media is your opportunity to allow prospects the chance to get to know you. This is in place of an in-person, face-to-face conversation because those have disappeared in today’s virtual business world. Well, if they do exist in your relationship they often don’t appear until much farther down the line at a time where you have already earned their trust and likely only after they have invested. 

You see, people are still employing the same techniques and using their senses to make decisions when shopping online. It’s only how they access this information that has changed.

So if you are waiting around for them to pick up the phone and call you? Let me tell you now…it is rare and not a sound marketing strategy.Online, it is up to you to provide what they need to get to know you or not. If you don’t your competitors will and they will get that business too!

Every website will stay on life support without social media because A website is only one half of the formula. It is an important part but the truth is your website and your social media have a symbiotic relationship and you really must have both!

Your website validates your business, displays your brand, allows clients to find you, and calls them to action. I like to think of your website as your virtual storefront and social media as your mascot & phone book 🙂

Your website is the virtual place all clients will go to find answers before they connect with you but only once they are aware of you.

Now, I don’t want you to lose faith in your website, it is a must-have, especially because if you don’t have one prospects are just as likely NOT to connect with you because of the lack of one. Clients, consumers, shoppers…simply do not opt-in for a face-to-face or even voice conversation anymore without checking you out first.

They visit your website and peak at your socials to make sure you’re legit, trackable, and tangible. 

A website is still a very important part of your virtual presence but social media is the second half of the formula. 

  • Social media is the bridge connecting you with your ideal soulmate clients online.
  • Social media is how you make connections and share your values with those ideal clients. 
  • Social media is how they find you then discover they can visit your website. 

The great thing about social media is that it’s an additional access point for clients to connect with you as well. It has real-time messaging capabilities and is way more approachable and less intimidating than picking up the phone for many.

By now, you must understand that the relationship between your social media and your website is to solidify what your brand stands for and how it will benefit your ideal clients. Specifically speaking to those who fit the profile, and are a match to your ideal target audience. These individuals will be most of the way into Know+Like+Trusting You before they have even picked up the phone thus making the conversion to becoming a client that much easier. This is the power of Social Media!

Ready or not it is time to level up your social media. All you have to do is start. Simply by putting yourself out there. Be authentic and be consistent. What do you have to lose anyway?

Erin Kellie


Erin Kellie is a digital marketer and graphic designer on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada. She is the owner of Coastal Blue Media a digital marketing and brand experience boutique working with Female-Lead Professional Service Providers. She graduated in Marketing Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in 2002 and graduated in Graphic Design from the Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) in 2017. When she isn't glued to a computer she is busy being the best hockey-scouts-guides-horse riding (I want to do whichever sports you will pay for they said) mom to her three children and exploring BC's coast. Her career has been primarily focused on helping small businesses with marketing and brand development something she is very passionate about. You can reach her at erin@coastalbluemedia.com or on Facebook @ErinPKellie.

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